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Q: What type of education is required? Do you have to be licensed to be a chiropractor?


Ans:After graduating from college with a focus in medical science, you need four more academic years from a Chiropractic College. All states require chiropractors to be licensed in order to practice.


Q: Is chiropractic care safe? Will it hurt me?


Ans:Chiropractic care uses the body’s ability to heal by taking pressure off the nervous system. This treatment is very safe. No drugs or surgery are needed thus, it makes this treatment the first, best and safest choice to solve many of life’s pains and problems.


Q: What are some of the benefits of chiropractic care?


Ans:Some of the benefits of chiropractic care is a feeling of well being, functioning at your highest level, increased energy, increased clarity of thought, along with the basics of decreased lower back pain, leg pain, decreased neck, shoulder and arm pain, decreased headaches.


Q: Is chiropractic care expensive?


Ans:Chiropractic care at Simons Chiropractic is not expensive. We have contracts in our office that allow you to be treated for $30 per visit.


Q: How often am I going to have receive a chiropractic adjustment?


Ans:The frequency of visits to a chiropractor varies depending on your condition. If you are in great shape, it requires fewer visits per year to maintain the motion in the spine. If you have specific problems, the frequency is usually more at first then tapers off as progress is made.


Q: What should I expect on my first visit?


Ans:The first time a patient visits Simons Chiropractic they:


1. Sign the “Sign In Sheet” since we are a first come, first served office…NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!!

2. Complete necessary paper work

3. Meet with Dr. Simons who examines and treats them for their condition


Q: If I’ve had back surgery can I still see a chiropractor?


Ans:Chiropractic care WORKS FOR EVERYONE! Those people who have had surgery and those who have not. As a chiropractor, it is my job as a doctor to decide what to do to help the patient. We want you well. If surgery is what will make a patient better then we are all for it. However, surgery should be your last option.


Q: Should an athlete see a chiropractor?


Ans:Athletes should see a chiropractor because their bodies are the ones being beat up the most! Keeping an athlete “tuned up” to preform is what it is all about. All of us do better when we are “tuned up”. EVERYONE should see a chiropractor to stay healthy!!


Q: I’m recovering from an automobile/work related accident, can you help me?


Ans:Treatment by a chiropractor for soft tissue injuries sustained in a car accident is the best form of treatment. A structural injury needs a structural solution. If someone is stepping on your foot taking a drug to help the pain is not the answer. “Get off my foot!” is the solution. Being “adjusted” to be put back together after being knocked around is the best answer to non life threatening auto accident injuries.


Q: Are all patients adjusted the same way?


Ans:The treatment is always individualized to each patient. Every adjustment is for the purpose of obtaining a structural “tune-up” to increase one’s function.


Q: If I’m pregnant is it still safe to see a chiropractor?


Ans:Being structurally “tuned-up” makes delivering a baby just a little easier. No one will ever says having a baby is easy. There are two main components in making a delivery easier: first, is to have the pelvis in a position which allows for the most space and second, is to have the uterus contract strong enough to expel the baby. Chiropractic care addresses both components. The alignment of the pelvis is treated, as well as, making sure the nervous system is not interfered with so the strength of the muscles (uterus) is receiving the needed nerve impulses.


Q: Why can’t I just adjust myself or have a friend do so for me?


Ans:The reason we can not adjust ourselves is the body needs to be relaxed when an adjustment is made. You can not relax the whole body when you attempt to adjust yourself. You might make a bunch of noise but, it is general at best, not specific. Being specific gets the best results. Having a friend adjust you is never recommended unless they have chiropractic training and knowledge. A person who does not know what they are doing could cause serious damage. Would you have your car worked on by just anybody or would you select someone who knows what they are doing? Chiropractors provide a professional adjustment for your body which is a far more important piece of equipment then your car!




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