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My foot pain is so much better – I stood in line forever at the DMV office today. Two weeks ago, I couldn’t have done that.


I highly recommend Dr. Simons. He has worked miracles to keep my body refreshed and maintained. As an officer, I need my body to be in tip-top shape and seeing Dr. Simons every week helps me do just that.

Dr. Simons,



The Magnesphere sessions have been great. I have noticed improvements in my Parkinson’s symptoms since I began the treatments. What’s more important is that my wife has commented that I am standing straighter, my movement is less restricted, and my speech is clearer.



I’m very glad that I have the Halo unit at home. The convenience of being able to have a treatment session on my schedule instead of being restricted to appointments with my doctor is wonderful. I’m able to have 3, 5, 7 or more sessions a week for the same price.



In addition to using the Parkinson’s protocol I use a general muscular, skeletal protocol to relieve stiffness and pains from working out at the gym.



Thank you Dr. Simons and Magneceutical Health for introducing me to this treatment option.

  – Rich Londonwww.ahandbookforlife.com

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What if you could drastically improve your specific ailment or simply improve your overall health without drugs, surgery or pain? This is the future of chiropractic care and, in the Charlotte region, it is only available at Simons Chiropractic.

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