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Therapies provided at Simons Chiropractic are clinically proven and expertly administered. Here is an overview of some of the therapies utilized and a brief explanation of how each works to accomplish optimum spine and body health in our patients.

Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments;


Ultrasound: To reduce inflammation, locally sedate, and to increase blood flow to deep tissues and reduce muscle spasms;


Electrical Stimulation: For vasomotor stimulation, reductions of swelling through ionic transfer and pain sedation;


Diathermy: To mobilize edematous fluid, increase blood flow to deep tissues, reduce muscular spasms and promote healing.


Intersegmental Traction: To reduce adhesions, mobilize joints, restore ligament elasticity, reduce hydrostatic pressure and strengthen areas of involvement;


Lumbo Sacral Support: To immobilize soft tissue, reducing motion, which allows healing to occur more readily;


Cervical Pillow: To support head and neck while in the recumbent position;


Magnesphere™ System: To utilize extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EMF), set at need-specific frequencies, in order to impact various health issues and achieve fast relief for even chronic conditions. To learn more about the Magnesphere™ System, click here.



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